Spring Hill Farms

Currently, we have over 500 laying hens that produce on average Medium to Eggstra Large brown eggs.  We collect twice a day.  Our eggs are immediately washed in a non-chlorine, all natural solution and then refrigerated. 

Our girls live and are raised on pasture to allow chickens to do chicken things such as each grass and scratch for bugs.  We supplement our girls an all-natural laying feed that is produced locally.  We don't use any pesticides, antibiotics or hormones on any of our chickens or ducks.

Most people don't know or realize that store bought eggs are typically about 1 month old already by time they hit the shelves at your local grocery store.  How you can tell how fresh your eggs are is by looking at the whites of the egg once you crack them.  The cloudier they are, the fresher they are.  The clearer the whites are, the older the egg is.

 We sell our chicken eggs for $5 per dozen and our duck eggs are $7.00 per dozen.  If you would like to purchase, please go to our contact page and give us a call, send us an email or stop by one of the farmers markets we are in.

           We farm, you eat!!